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Will Thompson is not only an amazing photographer, he is a good friend of ours here at Timeless Thrills.  We were happy to see him drop by our Flagship Store recently and even happier to see the photos he snagged while in-store.  

Will caught an awesome shot of our current in-store installation; "Make it a Timeless Night."  Our goal with this build out and install was to recreate the nostalgic idea of physically being able to rent a movie again.  The catch is, when you purchase an item from the Timeless Blockbuster Capsule you receive a membership card.  That membership card allows you to come in the store for the entire month of March and rent a movie, free of charge.  All we ask is to abide by our 3-Day Rental policy.  Each new week in March means new releases and new movies to hit the shelves.  Be sure to make it in before the end of the month and experience the nostalgia for yourself!

Our press wall has somewhat built itself over time.  The "Stay Timeless Catch Thrills" framed design in the top left was our first design we ever put on product.  Essentially, this is the design and slogan that started the brand Timeless Thrills.  We printed the design on 100 shirts; 50 white and 50 black and sold them one by one through word of mouth, Facebook, and even hand delivered shirts to customer's houses throughout the Sacramento area.  With the profits from these 100 shirts we built our first full collection; Spring 2012, the "Stay Timeless" Collection.  As they say, the rest is history.  

America is the greatest country in the world.  Majority of our product is actually produced in the USA and more specifically, produced in our hometown of Sacramento, CA.  The black and white flag is the perfect addition to our store's aesthetic and overall culture we've created through the brand.  

Thanks again for dropping by Will!  As for everyone else, if you haven't made your way into our Flagship Store now is the time.  We are open Tuesday - Saturday from 12 - 7pm.  We look forward to seeing you all!

Timeless Thrills®

Flagship Store

3714 J street

Sacramento, CA 95816

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